How can I get involved?

We recruit ambassadors for our different portfolios in the beginning of the academic year, and recruit new executive members at the end of March for the following year. However, you can always attend our events as a regular member no matter what your study field is.

Can I participate even if I do not identify as women?

Of course! All of our events are open to everyone.

Why should I join Women in Tech?

Women in Tech offers a lot of support for students who want to pursue a career in the tech field. We will help you build your social media presence, your resumé, land an internship or even a full-time job! You will also get the chance to meet our amazing team. Join our Facebook Group now to be a member!

What are your plans for the Fall 2021 semester? Considering that it will be virtual.

For the Fall 2021 semester, we plan on holding our annual virtual Networking event, a coding workshop, a panel on tech jobs in the gaming industry, a panel where we will have 4 different companies engaging in discussions (our members are free to ask questions during the panel) and we will host a Linkedin headshot event outside (which will be the only in person event on campus). Due to the current Covid restrictions, most of our events will be held virtually, but we will reevaluate the situation for the Winter 2022 semester. Follow us on Facebook to stay informed!