How can I get involved?

We recruit new executive members at the end of March for the following year, however you can always attend our events as a regular member no matter what your study field is.

Can I participate even if I do not identify as women?

Of course! All of our events are open to everyone.

Why should I join Women in Tech?

Women in Tech offers a lot of support for students who want to pursue a career in the tech field. We will help you build your social media presence, your resumé, land an internship or even a full-time job! You will also get the chance to meet our amazing team. Join our Facebook Group now to be a member!

What are your plans for the Winter 2021 semester? Considering that it will be virtual.

For the fall 2020 semester we held a virtual Networking event, a coding workshop, a panel on tech job in the gaming industry, a panel where we will have 4 different companies engaging in discussions (our members are free to ask questions during the panel as always) and a LinkedIn headshot event. For the upcoming winter 2021 semester we will hold many similar virtual events. Follow us on Facebook to stay informed!